Bidi Industry is one of the biggest industries and a traditional craftsmanship of India. About 12% population of India (directly or indirectly) is affiliated with Bidi Industry. Bidies are being exported to more than122 countries and about 750 trillion bidies are smoked annually in India and abroad, study shows these numbers are increasing phenomenally every year.

The head office is the centre of all the departments, positioned in Rampur - UP: Marketing & Sales, Finance & Administration, Human Resources, Technical Services and Quality Control. Our manufacturing units are spread all over India; all units are managed by professionals who are in this business from decades.
A separate exclusive set up in particular for International markets, where we manufacture the product according to norms and specifications required in that market, after a research we set the blending according to the climatic conditions of that particular market.

Amongst the greatest factors, the group’s success is our dedicated team and people, with the company’s ability to lead its people as one single family, changing time throughout traditional to contemporary, same generation members undertake the changing accountability. A unique enthusiasm pervades the complete organization, where people work hand-in-hand together through generations with Devotion, Dedication, and Discipline with Trust. This work ethic is the secret of strengthening and continuous success of the Organization.

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