Even though smoking is injurious to health, smokers beware: tobacco, in anyways, is not good whether it is organic or inorganic but still we can give few daringly and convinced validation with respect to our organic quality and blending in our brands, literally, hundreds of emails and letters we have received in which our smokers justify our confident statements of our quality and blending;

No awful tobacco smell
A non irritating smoke
Smooth smoking
Less harmful
Better smoking pleasure
Minimizes health risk
Cost effective

1) No awful tobacco smell: All of our bidi brands does not give any kind of tobacco awful smell from mouth after smoking, where normally people complaint about a dreadful bidi smell from mouth after smoking almost all the other brands.
2) A non irritating smoke: A non smoker or passive smoker hardly minds the smoking smell of our brands. If smoked in a group, passive smokers, never treat our bidi smell as non liking smell like other brands, they will feel it, but it will not be irritating smell even if he or she is a non smoker.
3) Smooth smoking: Our special blending never gives any kind of effects on throat, or cough, like other bidi brands, which leaves these parodies and symptoms after smoking.
4) Less harmful: Organic tobacco minimizes smoking health risk due to its organic properties, grown from natural means with bio- natural fertilizers without addictives, tested and approved organic tobacco. This is the reason it is natural and less harmful.
5) Better smoking pleasure: Due to its natural and organic quality, the original contents of tobacco preserved maximum in its natural forms, which in returns gives much better tobacco smoking pleasure. Our brands and tobacco add value, in the sense, organic gives better smoking pleasure and satisfaction.
6) Minimizes health risk: Companies like us are using organic tobacco which is costly but minimizing the smoking risk and reducing inhalation of extra nicotine and smoke is friendlier to the environment. Smoking organic tobacco will expose to fewer toxins and minimizes the risk of inhaled smoke of the burning tobacco leaves.
7) Cost effective: Bidi is cost effective, cuts approximately 70% smoking expenses in comparison to Cigarette smoking, we add value in smoking in the sense to reduce the health risk by providing organic and cutting smoking expenses up to 70% by giving better smoking pleasure and satisfaction.

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