“Bigarette & Co.” is new rebranded name of “Tobacco House which was Founded in 1948”. One of the leading Bidi company who grow-RICH tobaccos and pioneer in Organic blended Tobacco Products manufacturer in India, Every year, more than 5,000 million Bidies are produced and sold in Northern region of India also exports to over 10 countries.  Hand Rolled Indian Cigar or Bidi is our family business which has grown to many folds and became a leading manufacturer of Organic blended Bidies, characterized by a consumer-oriented policy, advanced technology and a high standard of quality.
Bigarette & CO. holds and manage several brands, with some top and premium range of brands like “Black Swan” & “Bigarette” along with the other class brands like , Sumo Bidi, 8 A.M. Bidi, Pure Herbal Smoke and Enigma Brands.

Our Brands are universally popular and legendary for their quality, workmanship with a rich taste of smoking not only in India but in many other countries in Europe, South America, African countries, Middle East, Afghanistan and Russia etc
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