Under corporeate wings of BIGARETTE & Co. (which is Re-Branded new name of Tobacco House), since 1948 several brands are successfully managed and sold in different markets, but in past 63 Years, founders always had a feeling that really something missing from the smokers market, they felt a huge gap between Cigarettes and Bidi smokers’ market.

New generation also realized the need of such product to fill this huge gap, finally created and blended a new brand; with the new name “Bigarette”which  is the extract of best kept centuries old secret composition of organic blending from “Rare Organic Tobacco.” 

Finally a choice for smokers has been developed for all the occasions, new organic launch accepted and appreciated by the modern, self-confident smokers. Connoisseurs and class smokers enjoy and understand the real taste of smoking, which is pleasurable, less harmful and much better then cigarette smoking uniquely blended keeping in view the biggest market need. 

The philosophy of Company founders came in to real accomplishment by the next generation and we realised founders were correct;

the new innovative brand “Bigarette” is super hit creation for “Class Smoking.” Bigarette offers top quality range of smoking sticks and crammed the gap between Cigarette and Bidi smokers and established its position itself at the top among all smoking brands.

Designed by : IMAGINE EYE