Bidi is long conical shape about 2 to 2.5 inches, tendu leaf is "the body" of the bidi in which the mixture of small pieces of tobacco leaf, called blended tobacco, is wrapped (blending sometimes comprising 10 to 12 or more different grades of tobacco). The quality of blending has to have a pleasant natural aroma and taste and must also burn evenly. The art blending of a tobacconist is to create a good balance between the various characteristics. This results in each brand of bidi having its own specific blend. 

Our grown-RICH unique Organic blending composition is one of the Bigarette's best kept secrets. This secret is a godsend given to us by our ancestors which is our USP, ORGANIC TOBACCO is very rare and the MOST EXPENSIVE Tobacco with high quality with a different aroma & taste and gives very unique smoking pleasure. This is far less harmful then the other conventional tobacco.
Normally other cultivators are using synthetic fertilizers in their crops which influence the taste of tobacco and eradicate the original smoking pleasure.
We believe, we win the market because we are tobacco cultivator as well as bidi manufacturer, all these concerns, what keeps our product always in demand and the company believes in business with a conscience and works to maintain high quality across all its activities.

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