The ability to make and use fire was one of the first steps towards the civilization of humankind. However, until the first half of the nineteenth century. The Designers’ graphical and typographical change, in first quarter of 2000 around 2009, brought new change in the industry, earliar no attemps have been made to introduce such conceptual product, this was started and introduced in India by Bigarette & Co. The concept product was introduced not only stylistically but also conceptually and purposefully,  new concept launch appriciated by the market, traditional designs influenced by our contemporary design styles.

Maintaining the tradition
The design and branding of matchboxes has traditionally been slow to change and even in the consumer driven culture of today, the design of many brands of match have changed very little over their history. We tried to introdce designers match boxes but kept the traditional product as well, where we reflect the old tradition of the standared match box industry.

All of these redesigns showed great acceptance by the new generation but the original design of the box was also successful due to its quality and – importantly to its traditional consumers – the dependability of ‘Bigarette’ to deliver as per the users demand.

Market response of Designers’ launch

We launched several distinctive and successful matchbox designs that have changed the mindset of users due to its great appearance and success shows that well-established guarantee of quality with design of the packaging, the brand identity, that is the success of the product. The redesign of the label in order to keep up with contemporary changes in design style enabled the brand to appear modern and interesting to new audiences.

Advertising benefit
After launch of designers’ match box, this caught direct attention of advertising agencies and they realised importace of match box bearing product advertisement, they offered these promotional opportunities to the companies – as it is high exposure of the product advertising at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media. This concept got very good response from the advertisers. The advertising of products on matchboxes was a huge success and the effectiveness of this medium was exploited by so many organisations with their slogans.

Designed by : IMAGINE EYE