Geographically, the largest producers of matches today are in Asia, and in particular India and China. However, the only global match company and by far the biggest match producer, in terms of output and quantity of brands is Swedish Match AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden and manufacturing in Europe, South America and Asia.

In 2009, Bigarette & Co. embarked on a concept premium match boxes project, however Bigarette is not match manufacturars, but specially created our own designers’ brands, with the first brand known as “SUMO”, later series of the premium match box brands like, “Black Swan” and “Bigarette” with one objective to create a premium range of match products in Indian as well as for the international market. Our brands are very high functional and aesthetic qualities. The selling prices also reflected these differentials. The modern graphic design of the products was recognised as being of crucial importance to the success of the first “SUMO” Brand later all the brands.







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