Since inception of the match industry, matches have been a necessity of modern life. There is virtually no human society, irrespective of their degree of civilisation, but the concept and chemistry of the match have remained largely unchanged over time, with no fundamental differences since it’s origin.

Matches have been one of the most ubiquitous consumer products in the World. The basic functionality of the match had been developed to such an extent that it was unable to be significantly improved upon but there was great scope to facilitate the widest range of graphic design and artistry.  Similarly, the structural design of the matchbox has not been substantially changed at all in its 170-year history, till date no attempt has been made to introduce designers’ match box since its origin.

In last 100 years of Indian match box history almost carries the same designs and graphics, although in last half of the nineteenth century minor changes took place but why such product is not introduced ? This thought gave this opprtunity to Bigarette to introduce concept match boxes. Where Bigarette has made some effort to introduced designers’ match box in 2009, tried to change the trend of the oldest, unchanged forms of consumer product packaging that still survives today, with the designers’ match boxes

Designed by : IMAGINE EYE