Bigarette & Co. also specializes in the smaller size quality bidies, and is therefore characterized by a number of distinctive products. Uniquely blended, quality product presented in eye-catching packs. Sumo bidies are amongst the best selling and most popular bidi brand. Appreciated brand of urban and rural, both areas by modern, self-confident and regular smoker. There are three brands of sumo :

A) Sumo Regular Bidi
B) Sumo Special Bidi and
C) Sumo Premium Bidies.

A) “Sumo Regular” This is our top selling brand in around the city areas, which is popular and liked by the mass smokers. The size of this bidi is regular but blending is, as usual, unique.

B) “Sumo Special” This is our top selling brand in main cities, which is liked by the smokers due to its unique blending and a good alternate for cigarette smokers, because our bidies blending is unique and much better than cigarette or other smoke.

C) “Sumo Premium” We are launching soon, the premium brand of SUMO, which is designed in a very special longer size which is about 3 inches long, normal size of a bidi is maximum 2.25 inches, a rewarding smoke with a consistent and even burn quality.

Sumo Bidi is best selling and most popular in plain areas of North India. The special blend is appreciated by traditional and modern smokers. Sumo Bidi is always eager to offer best quality products and services to conquer new territories nationally and internationally.


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