Bigarette & Co. is manufacturing different brands of bidies blended from natural and Organic tobaccos, “Blending is the key factor”, all the brands varies in blending as per the climatic conditions of that particular area.

Under the corporate wings of Bigarette & Co., several brands are successfully managed and sold in different markets, but in past 50 Years, founders of company were always thinking that there is really something is missing from the smokers’ market and they always felt a big gap between Cigarettes and Bidi smokers they wanted to give something unique to market. When new members joined the Company, they also realized the same need of such product, to fill this gap finally blended and created a new brand; “Bigarette” which is the best kept centuries old secret composition of organic blending from “ORGANIC TOBACCO.” A choice for smokers has been developed for all the occasion which is accepted and appreciated by the modern, self-confident smokers. Connoisseurs and class smokers enjoy and understand the real taste of Indian smoking, which pleasurable, less harmful and much better then cigarette smoking.

Founders were correct; the new innovative brand “Bigarette” proved its success. The “Class Smoking” creation - Bigarette offers top quality range of smoking filled the huge gap between Cigarette and Bidi for all occasions and established itself at the top among all smoking brands.

This brand is uniquely blended keeping in view the need of broad market segment. There are two packs of “Bigarette” and “Bigarette Premium” the size is a bit longer, about 3 inches, then the normal Bidies and packed in a special packing which is easy to carry, ideal for all classes, yet very rewarding, with a consistent and even burn qualities and packed in classic ethnic style. As an innovator of “today’s world brand” handmade “Bigarette” (Bidirolles) are amongst the best selling and most popular bidies of the region. Appreciated a lot by the modern, self-confident class smokers, specially Connoisseurs.


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