Another premium brand launch is the best kept secret of Bigarette - A brand creation for “today’s Class - Black Swan” has the rich extract of the best kept centuries old secret composition of organic blending.  We have introduced a unique and premium brand Black Swan which offers a top of the quality range smoking sticks. A choice of smokers has been developed for the connoisseur’s for class smoking occasion. It has distinguished itself from other top brands and something unique to delight. Black Swan smoking sticks specially blended from unique rare crop of “ORGANIC TOBACCO.” 

The very best tobacco wrapped manually with the original Tendu Leaf and packed individually to preserve the unforgettable flavor! The “Black Swan” lures the “CONNOISSEURS” and elite class to enjoy and understand the real taste of Indian Smoke.  

The presentation and packaging of the product is innovative in totally different ethnic style which is packed individually in classic style. Black swan is most demanding product and highly appreciated by the modern, self-confident smokers, “Black Swan” is always eager to conquer new territory.


Designed by : IMAGINE EYE