In late 1948’s two young entrepreneurs named Hafiz Syed Mohabbey Ali and his younger brother Haji Syed Amjad Ali, visited Gujrat to bring new business opportunities to their inhabitant place Rampur, UP, where they first time stumble upon with tobacco. The vision and deliberation was to establish a venture of opportunities and excellence to serve their native City Rampur (UP).

They realized the prospect as to provide best tobacco (raw material) to establish a cottage industry to roll bidies in their native city. The vision and spirit of entrepreneurship in the two young men gave new trading opportunities to the city and then to the entire region, strategically first they trained people to roll bidies and provided best blended quality tobacco to roll, then on the other hand they established several traders and provide them readymade bidies to trade. In short period of time a unbeaten bidi industry started flourishing in the city.

The indomitable spirit and best blending gave tremendous growth to industry, Initially they procured tobacco from growers but later started growing their own tobacco by holding acres of land in Gujrat just to grow best tobacco. In a very short period of time they captured the biggest market segment of the region by providing the best blending and superb quality of tobacco, trade succeeded day by day, in very short time a big Bidi industry boom established in the city.
The vision, sprit and founder’s ability was the beginning of "HOUSE OF TOBACCO” of Amjad Ali & Mohabbey Ali. The Name “House of Tobacco” is re-branded with the new name, now known as “Bigarette & CO.”

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