18th October 1948 - Company “Tobacco House” founded by two Partners (Both were brothers) Hafiz Syed Mohabbey Ali & Haji Syed Amjad Ali of Rampur Uttar Pradesh.

1953 – Re-shuffled company & construction of new business premises, ware houses and the various wings of the factory at Gujrat and at native city Rampur UP.
1953 – 1960 – Formed various establishments in different parts of North India, Gujrat and in capital Delhi. Acres of Land purchased in Gujrat to grow own tobacco.

1961 – 1962 - The second generation joins the company, starting with two sons Syed Mohammed Nasir and brother Syed Mehfooz Ali, joined the family business.

1963 – Other sons Syed Nazir Ali, Syed Mansoor Ali and Syed Masood Ali follow a year later.

1964 – In the new generation the most visionary entrepreneur was Syed Mohammad Nasir. To take group further he diversified in to various similar ventures. Along with tobacco business he also started Bidi Brand name “Sadhu Bidi” and Export firm “Bismillah Exports Pvt. Ltd., was open with intention to expand internationally.

1965 – To diversify the business Syed Mehfooz Ali established himself in to Hukka Tobacco and started a new Bidi Brand “Ship Bidi” as M/S Danish Bidi Factory Rampur, and other brothers shifted to Gujrat to take care the business.

1967 – Tobacco business comes to a virtual standstill. To ensure continuity of the business, several bidi brands are made and launched, to re-established tobacco market in that period. New bidi brands namely Sadhu Bidi, Ship Bidi; Two Stars Bidi etc. are the well known successful names of that period.

1968 - 1979 – Tobacco business along with the bidi brands and the export firm flourished, new markets established and the best selling two brands “Two Stars” and “Sadhu Bidi” is took the tobacco house name among top companies of the time.

1981 – For Tobacco House 1981 was a most heartbreaking year since 1948 as the eldest son of the founder name Syed Mehfooz Ali died very young and just after one week the main founder Hafiz Syed Mohabbey Ali also left this world forever.

1982 - 1988 – The Business venture of S. M. Nasir, with special focus was on the organic blending and export. New brands of Sadhu Special and Premium Bidies are launched in the market, becomes a huge hit, due to its unique blending.

1989 – Syed Ali Anwer, grandson of founder and son of Syed Mehfooz Ali and a member of the third generation, post graduate in management from Aligarh Muslim University, joins the family business under uncle S. M. Nasir (Prince).

1990 – New organisational changes took place for further success and "Operation in Bengal” started most of the production process is transferred to West Bengal. Introduction of a new special shape bidies of small size in 1990 proved to be a successful and smart move.

1991 - Introduction of Premium Sadhu and Jogan Bidi, in a new market was a hit; Sadhu’s success was a hit in Aligarh, and around area, is the bestselling brand.

1995 – Syed Danish Mehfooz, second son of Syed Mehfooz Ali and younger brother of Syed Ali Anwer, which is third generation, joins the board of Bigarette.

1998 – Tobacco House celebrates its 50th anniversary and not only achieves record sales and success, on this success company decided to re-brand and take it to further international success. All the diversified business decided to amalgamate in to one name and new name was proposed Bigarette & Co. and finally it came in to real achievement.

2001 – Board members re-branded the company heavily, launched several new innovative quality brands, and took the group’s name to broad levels of success.

2002- 2008 – During these years mainly concentration was on expansion of production facilities as per the tremendous market growth, establishing several office buildings in West Bengal and other states with expand maximum facilities to manufacture quality product by end of 2008 bigarette became one of the largest well established bidi factory.

2009 - 2010 - In 2009, BIGARETTE & CO. launched several premium brands but two brands “Black Swan” and “Bigarette” helped catapult the BIGARETTE name to its current status as leading company in the industry. The main focus is on “Quality rather quantity.” The organic formula blending appreciated and accepted by the smokers – A new name but old traditions “Bigarette & Co.” continue to be successful. The Bigarette renaissance has catapulted the Group's name and traditions to levels of national and International recognition.

2011 Onwards – Since Bigarette & CO. launched series of new premium brands, which went hit with huge success and company succeeded many fold, to maintain the success, the third generation new board member Syed Arshi Mehfooz, son of Syed Mehfooz Ali and second younger Brother of Syed Ali Anwer, entered in to Family business, Post graduate and an MBA from Aligarh Muslim University, took over several managerial responsibilities to further strengthen the success of the company Nationally and Internationally.


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