These are a few of the recent emails from the literally hundreds of emails and letters we have received from our satisfied customers some of their testimonials ares as under;

From: Dinesh M. - Bahrain
"I was just surfing the organic products, suddenly came across your web site, studied the products then tried in the market but unfortunately could not find, then finally I ordered a single pack directly from the company which was delivered very fast, I tried the product certainly it is very good, what a great smoke which is best value for money, well blended, what more should I say, I was so pleased I just ordered each box of all your brands to try, No doubt I feel myself a regular smoker of Bigarette since centuries.”

From: D. Williams – Havana
"I would like to express my inner feeling of smoking after trying your product. I ordered your product just to investigate about your blending statement, a bidi so called Bigarette cannot be expected better than cigar, but I was wrong at my part, your organically blended product was really different from the other smokes, it is having its own unique taste. I am a smoking connoisseur, tried almost all the smokes available in the entire market but your product is fabulous. I will most certainly be purchasing from you in the future."

From: Vickey C.
"I placed my first order with your site to taste an organic tobacco product I am impressed, it is superb! I was eagerly waiting for my ordered product; I am surprised on fast delivery. Your site has a great selection of products and it's nice that quite a few of them are offered as a singles purchase as well as by the box. I have my favorites that I purchase by the box but I enjoy a variety of smokes and being able to buy a choice really is nice. Thank you for that."

From: Vendy B. - China
"I just received my backorder today and wanted to say thanks! Every time I buy from you, either over the phone or on the internet, everything is done quickly and correctly, plus your product is very good with best services. It is a pleasure to get my order form Bigarette. Good Job Indeed!"

From: Olga. R - Russia
"It was a different smoking pleasure after ordering Organic blended product” it is really a wonderful blend, this was my first experience of organic, now I became a regular smoker of your brand Bigarette. Not often in this day and age when a company offers something different and nice, unexpectedly a good product for their customers. I'll be sure to pass on the news about Bigarette and its relationship with their customers."

From: Tariq Hassan Khan - Dubai
"Recently I ordered your organic blended product “Bigarette” through e-mail it was my internet order. I received an immediate email response and I also received a follow-up call the next day. Speaking to a live person certainly was a nice touch. That kind of service on my first order will make me a “regular on"

From: John P. - Dubai
Dear “Bigarette” team just wanted to say thank you for your prompt delivery of couple of my orders. You guys are really fortunate to have such a “dedicated staff and splendid product.”

From: K. A. Hassan – Nainital India.
"I have ordered in bulk twice two brands of your company for my personal use Black Swan and Bigarette by e-mail, at your Head office. Each and every time I've received great service and quick order delivery. Special thanks to “Bigarette."

From: Raja D. N. Singh - Nepal
"I am very happy with your product and satisfied with the services” but not happy with the non availability of your products in Nepal, always I have to keep track my stock to order before it get out of stock, and I have to keep eye on my stock to order in advance by mail or telephone.

I am a regular smoker of your brand since I tried, and promoted your product in my entire circle, as the product is worth of promoting; series of smokers are here, it is my suggestion to make availability of your product in Kathmandu. I must say not very pleasant about my sort of complaint, but if your company will manage our problem, I will be personally grateful if some action is taken on my concerns.

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