Tobacco comes from certain areas of Southern & Western India and the Tendu leaves come from deep forests in Central India.

Bidi is rolled in Natural leaves called Tendu (Indian Ebony) which is one of the most important non timber forest products in central India. These are the only leaves which are used in wrapping bidi (Indian smoking tobacco). An estimated 250,000 tons of leaves (worth US$2000 million) is collected annually in the forests of India.

Tendu leaf constitutes "the body" of the bidi, the mixture of small pieces of blended tobacco wrapped spirally winded around the tobacco. The wrapper influences the Bidi's taste, burning characteristics and aroma. The wrapper has to correspond with the taste of the filled tobacco.The art of the tobacconist is to create a good balance between the various characteristics of tendu leaves and blending,the quality of tendu leaves should be with even burn quality and a good aroma. This composition is also one of the Bigarette’s best kept secrets.


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