Companies have been manufacturing Bidies, Cigarettes and other tobacco products that are marketed as “Natural.” This label does not automatically mean that the use of tobacco create the product organic. In fact, some tobacco products that are advertised as natural are actually harmful to the health of smokers because some of the elements of the tobacco - such as the tar or nicotine - are actually higher in regular tobaccos but these products are “Natural” Not “Organic.”
If you want to use organic products, make sure that the label states that the tobacco is organic and does not just label the product as "natural." Our products and tobacco is well certified with certificates from government regulatory and organic promoter bodies of the state government.

Certified Organic Tobacco
Bigarette strongly believes in the natural process and uses raw tobacco leaves in our blending certified to be grown in a true organic process - one that is pesticide and chemical-free.

Bigarette uses certified organic tobacco in their products. This tobacco is grown organically under supervision on each and every step and certified by the organic bodies.

Depending on the certifying body, to be "Certified Organic" means that the tobacco must undergo extensive testing criteria. For example, the land must be free of pesticides and chemicals for at least three years prior to the first sowing date. Further, the farmer must grow tobacco without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Fertilizers used on the product and field must be natural. Farmers’ crops need to be rotated regularly so as to avoid depleting soil nutrition.

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