Since beginning we were using the best quality tobacco, the secret of that quality, unknowingly was organic, because the means used to grow tobacco, that time, were natural. After understanding the qualities of organic we started concentrating on only organic tobacco, due to the secret formula of organic tobacco, our company has grown many folds and became a leading manufacturer of Organic blended Bidies, We introduced organic tobacco in those days when people rarely aware the word “organic.”

In 1967, a young entrepreneur, Son of Haji Syed Amjad Ali, named Syed Mohammed Nasir (well known as “Nasir - Prince”) and later in 1989 Grandson Syed Ali Anwer (well known as “Ali-Rich”) joined the group to carry on the ancestor’s organic vision and to operate the company with new visionary energy & clear philosophy. They re-branded the company with a new name “Bigarette & Co.”. New Branding of company started with several innovative brands like Sumo, Bigarette and Black Swan. Since then, both nurtured the company to its status today as one of most successful company. In 2010, new product success took Bigarette’s name to its current status as leading company in the industry. The organic formula blending appreciated and accepted by the smokers – A new name but old traditions “Bigarette & Co.” continue to be successful. The Bigarette renaissance has catapulted the Group's name and traditions to levels of national and International recognition.

Although, the founder of the Company passed away several years ago, but their qualitative vision to provide quality products, best relationships with customers and best service will live on us as the true foundation of the company. Today group is the leading manufacturer of the best blended Beedies in the region. The secret of our success is the qualitative organic vision of our founders; the best quality “organic tobacco and it’s blending.”

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