History of Tobacco

The first tobacco smokers

Exactly how long people have been smoking tobacco is a difficult question to answer. The enjoyable effect of the tobacco plant was initially something known only to the people who lived in the areas in which the plant grew.

From medicine to fashion statement

Initially tobacco was originally regarded exclusively as a medicine that could cure all type of illness. A great deal of time passed before people started smoking for pleasure, as is the case these days. Till mid of the eighteenth tobacco cultivation was for medicine, by end of the 18th Century smoking came into fashion and smoking suddenly became extremely popular.

Bigarette takes the lead

By the mid of nineteenth Century, growing tobaccos became common in certain areas and bidies production slowly spread across the entire country. Soon India became a large Tobacco producing country and the largest bidi manufacturing country. During our early days itself we targeted the best areas of tobacco production and we ourselves started growing the organic tobacco crops. We started growing in those days when people rarely know the word “organic.”

Bigarette is Pioneer of Organic Tobacco

BIGARETTE is Pioneer in Organic Blending from the beginning our main focus was on the best quality and we are the pioneers in growing ORGANIC crops since beginning. For this matter Bigarette & Co. is pretty unique: it is still family owned and independent currently but nevertheless one of the ORGANIC largest manufacturers and exporters of organically blended Bidies in India.


Organic tobacco may seem like a somewhat incongruous concept because of the environmental and health impact of cigarettes. Nonetheless, tobacco crops that are raised organically are becoming more common and are starting to build a loyal customer base.
Organically grown means without any man-made insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides, organic tobacco is a growing is moderately challenging. Organic tobacco prices nearly twice than conventional tobacco. The grower faces hard time to grow Organic because costs more and yields a slightly less marketable product.

In order for any crop to be considered organic there are certain rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Consumers expect that an organic product will be minimally processed while also avoiding contact with harmful pesticides, herbicides and other toxins. Organic farmers also strive for sustainable agriculture so that their crops have as little environmental impact as possible.

The lure of smoking organic tobacco, people who prefer organic products, is the lack of pesticides used on the tobacco crop and smoking taste is different. Instead of using chemically based pesticide and herbicides, natural remedies are used to keep the plants healthy and free from pests.
Companies like us are using organic tobacco which is minimizing the smoking risk and reducing inhalation of extra nicotine and smoke is friendlier to the environment.

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