The process of making traditional Indian Handmade Bidi is very technical and difficult task, just imagine, how difficult is, to roll in a size of just 2.00 to 2.25 inches with all technical specifications like;

1) Selection of correct tendu leaf
2) Cutting tendu leaf in to uniform size
3) Size of all bidies should be equal
4) Equal amount of tobacco should be filled in with correct judgement
5) Bidi should be round at the lighting end
6) Bidi should be flat at the smoking end
7) Must leave a small air pocket at the end of each bidi
8) Sheer skilled & experienced worker (with his/her deft fingers) should roll in one stroke
9) Should be tied at the flat end with a cotton thread
10) Tread should be of a particular color to identify the manufacturer.

Once bidi is completed all the above process then quality check take at this place by a quality control team who checks each bidi carefully and rejects the defaulted bidies and selected or passed product then goes for next step of roasting.

The beedies are then roasted in charcoal fire in specially designed roasting chambers (Oven) to obtain an inimitable flavor and then given for labeling (each beedi is individually labeled by skilled workers). The labeled beedies are then received from the labelers.

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