Beedies are legacy of Indian Culture and a special smoking gift of India; it is not just another name for cigarettes, cigars or cigarillos. The existence of Bidi is known to be for earlier than a century, it’s believed that bidis came in to existence much before cigarettes. Bidis are hand rolled by wrapping, traditional sun cured tobaccos, in a natural forest leaf commonly called 'tendu leaf' botanical name is 'Diaspyros Melanoxylon' which is natural and free from nicotine. Bidi gives the most natural smoke of choice Indian tobaccos specially grown and processed without any additives and chemicals. Bidi was invented for a highly satisfying natural smoking pleasure.

Bidi-rolling is a very important cottage industry in India. The process of hand rolling a beedi is very technical and similar to that of a handmade cigarette technically hand rolled, broad end is folded and closed, the conical end is flattened to make the bidi fit snugly between lips and give an easy draw. There is an air pocket too between the tobacco and the smoking end, preventing tobacco from reaching the mouth. The bidi is devoid of paper, contains less tobacco and is ideal for quick puffs.

Beedies have long been popular in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia and now almost well known internationally. In India itself about 800 billion bidies are smoked every year.

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