Bidies are naturally made and believed to be less harmful and inexpensive than Cigarettes
1) Cigarettes When burns also burns the wrapper which is made up of paper and generates Carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes which are more harmful with tobacco for lungs, Bidi is wrapped in Natural leaf, it is very less carcinogenic and toxic than cigarettes.

2) Cigarettes have about 0.60 to 0.80 Grams of Tobacco (four times more tobacco than bidi) and have about 18 to 20 puffs where Bidi contains negligible tobacco in comparison of cigarette approx. 0.15 Grams to 0. 20 grams of tobacco and contains about 12 to 14 puffs.

3) Price of Cigarettes are very high about 10 to 15 times more than Bidi, Bidi cost is just a fraction that of Cigarette and even much less harmful due to its natural quality.

4) Bidi is very cost effective and much less harmful, smoking bidi is the alternate to cut smoking expenses up to 70% and minimizing health risk with better smoking pleasure & satisfaction.

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